Monday, January 24, 2011

Errors, Errors, Errors...

Having some trouble from something, i have no clue what it is, its just slow, its not the map, not the engine, not the router, not the tower, even a local IP gives me only a slight boost above the lag, i am gonna try working on it when i get time
New Map

 Rendering a Visual physical map today... HERE IT IS! :D
  **** The large black and white house that floats has moved


  1. Ksa, you need to restrict people from summoning bedrock, or something. Because my little scout towers for locating a good colosseum spot? I went to go take them down, and someone made bedrock platforms on them.


  2. This maybe it? Just throwing out ideas.

  3. Server went down because of net pop, its back up, and i put the bedrock on thoes towers because of what we call "loose" warping, so i wouldnt fall

  4. Hey red, when you get a chance could you give me a list of all the plugins you have and would like to have as well as complete specs for the server so that I can figure out the best mod for the server.